“Gross” School Lunch Photo Goes Viral. School Says Meat Was Simply “Overcooked.”

When a photo of a Pensylvania student’s discolored lunch started to circulate on social media, people were disgusted. According to the school’s superintendent, Dr. Luke Lansberry, the burger patties had been cooked at a heat of 170 degrees instead of the regular 155 degrees, which led to the patties being overcooked. He also mentioned that the school had received an excellent health inspection rating.

There’s a pretty good chance that hamburger was overcooked and a lot of the internal ingredients surfaced from that level of heat.” Lansberry explained.

People weren’t buying it.


I would have liked to see him eat that burger since he was so confident it was an overcooking issue,” wrote one angry parent.

11-23a2Other people who work in school cafeterias around the district were appalled. If a patty had come out looking like that, they would have tossed it into the garbage and not put it on a child’s plate.

While Lansberry still claims the burger patty was simply “overcooked,” the school has since stopped accepting that product in the entire district, “just to make sure that we have good-quality food.” He said.

Parents think that all schools need to start overhauling their menus. Following strict nutritional guidelines shouldn’t be as hard as they are making it out to be, they say, and if parents aren’t allowed to send a lunch with their child to school – which is the case in some districts – they should be confident that their children are being served edible meals instead.


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