Groom Is Bitten By A Rattlesnake After The Ceremony…This Is Not How They Planned On Celebrating!

A wedding is a memorable ceremony, and almost always NEVER involves snake bites! Long, awkward toasts from a drunk best man, shrieking children running around the dance floor, or a mother-in-law who can’t stop sobbing, these are the “tragedies” we expect to happen on the most important day of our lives…but a snake bite? Come on, that’s just mean.

Laura Loretz and Johnny Benson were enjoying their wedding as the happy couple they were. They had a traditional ceremony at a catholic church in Colorado and left with the wedding party to take some pictures out in front of beautiful scenery. The problem about taking photographs in nature…is that there is usually nature there. 6.24a7

Maddie Mae, their photographer, was used to outrageous conditions. She had taken pictures while wading in deep water, hiking long distances to get the perfect shot, or extreme conditions were not unexpected. After this day, she topped all of her old adventure-photography stories with one intense wedding story!

The wedding party was finished with their set, and Laura wanted to take a few more intimate pictures with Johnny. Laura and Johnny embraced, and Maddie began taking pictures…and that’s when Johnny felt like he had been kicked in the shin!6.24a6

Incredibly, there was a park ranger nearby who was able to jump into action, elevating Johnny’s leg and apply bandages, radioing down for assistance.6.24a8

He went to the hospital, but they confirmed that it was a “dry bite,” which means no venom was injected. He was given a precautionary tetanus shot and even made it to the reception!

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