Grocery Employee Shouts For Customer To “WAIT!” The Reason Will Melt Your Heart!

Jeannettea Hollingshead had taken her grandmother to the grocery store. It was the older woman’s birthday, and the pair decided to celebrate with a nice cake! While shopping, Jeannettea was stopped by an employee, and the rest of the story is simply amazing.

Today was Gramma’s 90th birthday. I was in the Athens, Ohio, store this afternoon buying a cake for her and talking with the friendly cashier. He asked about the cake, and when I told him about Gramma, he exclaimed, ‘Wait right here just a minute please!’ and walked away. He came back a minute later with a rose he’d purchased at the flower stand and asked me to give it to her to help her celebrate. Instead, I asked him to give it to her because she was there with me, and I snapped this picture! This young man, Wes, went above and beyond, and his act of kindness really made Gramma’s day. I hope this message gets to you, and I hope someone at corporate recognizes him for this! It was just too sweet!”

She shared the picture with her grocery’s Facebook page in the hopes that they would recognize this employee for his actions. Too often, an employee’s good deeds go unnoticed because management isn’t told about it by kind customers. In this instance, thousands of people are liking and sharing the post…we’re pretty confident that Wes is going to get the thanks that he deserves!

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