Graphic Designer Takes Requests, But When A Young Girl Asked Him To Change Her, He Did THIS Instead!

Usually, his projects are light-hearted and silly. He plays on words, twists edit requests to make people laugh, and sometimes turns romantic moments into hilarious scenes. Touching moments aren’t off-limits to the lengths he’ll go to make his fans laugh, either. They will often submit their requests with a specific edit in mind…which Fridman immediately turns upside-down! He is good at what he does and has gained a large following on Twitter thanks to his fun take on editing with over 1 million followers!

People have come to expect that their mundane requests will end up being made fun of as a joke, but when Fridman received this email from a fan, his heart broke.He was shocked. Usually, he would take a photograph and technically follow the fan’s request…but this time, he just couldn’t. This young girl wanted him to change everything about her.

Her lack of self confidence was too much to bear, and so he broke character. He wasn’t going to alter this girl’s picture. He wasn’t going to change her weight, her hair, her acne, or her teeth. Instead, he issued this statement and hoped that she might take his words to heart.His incredible words went viral as people sent encouraging words to the anonymous girl! Hopefully, she was able to learn something that day and take the compliments and nice words sent by complete strangers to heart!

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