“Granny Pods” Are A Clever Alternative To Nursing Homes. Would You Live In One?

More and more elderly are relying on nursing homes as they age, but many children are finding that they aren’t comfortable sending their parents and elderly relatives to the sterile, often clinical homes available in their areas. Along with being expensive, the care that their relatives receive leaves them feeling like they’ve lost their independence…but living with younger relatives puts too much strain on the families as a whole. That’s where this new idea came in, and they are spreading quickly.

“Granny Pods,” also known as MedCottages, provide all the conveniences of a home on a smaller, more manageable scale. Specifically, they are small enough to be placed on their children’s property!
They have running water, air conditioning, heating, electricity, full kitchens, bathrooms, and a small space to call their own without actually being on their own.
But what makes these homes different from a tiny home is that they were designed to cater to a wide array of medical needs, including wireless monitors and an area for overnight caregivers. Floor lighting, pill dispensers, and buttons to hail emergency services make these homes especially attractive to family members. While the homes are an investment (some sitting pretty at around $125,000), more and more families are interested in the convenience of them, and the independence it lends to their aging relatives.

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