Granny Decides To Quit Her Job In The Most Outrageous Way Possible!

While Kaitlyn McGrory may be from Scotland, her grandmother must be from one of the toughest places on Earth with her direct approach to everything she wants in life.

Many of us may have fantasized about quitting bad jobs with an honest outburst of emotion, but Kaitlyn’s gran did just that in a blunt and curt letter to her terrible boss.

Her gran cleans the offices for a man who, according to her hilarious resignation letter, probably no one will want to do.She wrote like she speaks and didn’t much care if it was grammatically correct or not. Maybe the owners liked to leave orange peels all over the floor, or maybe they clipped their toenails on the carpet. Maybe they left dishes in the sink for an entire week and expected her to wash them. Who knows? Only Marlene, and she didn’t bother to go into specifics.

Have you ever quit a job with such flair? She obviously doesn’t expect to ever have to see him again, and she probably didn’t actually need the job anyway…so, why not burn a few bridges on her way out?! Hilarious!

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