Grandma Turned Baby’s Sleep Suit Into A SPACE Suit…And It’s ADORABLE!

New parents are very familiar with the exhaustion that arrives along with a new baby, and for the first few months, its all about survival. 

At just four months old, their baby daughter was having a rough time staying asleep. Waking every hour and napping for just 30 minutes at a time, they were worn out. Like many parents, they turned to the help of a sleepsuit – a sturdy outfit meant to help keep a baby from startling awake – and giving exhausted parents a few extra minutes of sleep each night.Mom and dad often joked that the suit was a “space suit,” and dad decided to take it all a step farther. He ordered a few patches off of Amazon and asked his mother to sew them on while his wife was at work. Grandma did a great job for her little baby granddaughter…and the results are too cute!Grandma made sure to put the patches where they wouldn’t restrict mobility. And *poof,* instant “Astro-tot!”
He surprised his wife with the adorable little suit! She loved it! He shared the entire story online, and people ate it up.
What’s more adorable than this little cutie in an astronaut suit?! Probably nothing.

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