Grandma Single Handedly SLOWS The Speeding Vehicles On Her Street With One HILARIOUS Trick!

Jean Brooks was sick of the speeders on her street. They would rush by without any regard for the children who played on the sidewalks, neighbors walking their dogs, or even parked cars – they were going to get someone hurt, and she decided to do something about it.

That’s when she had a crazy idea: to use a hair dryer. She’d seen stories of it before, but why couldn’t it work for her too? She picked up an old one and decided to take it outside. She was stunned.

It was working!

Even her neighbors saw the difference in the way cars were driving! She stood vigilant, pointing her all-black hairdryer at oncoming cars and watched in awe as they actually slowed down. 

At a glance, the hairdryer does resemble the professional radar, but once they realize that it isn’t real…they continued to drive slow regardless. She was reminding them that they were driving through a neighborhood and it was working perfectly.

The problem with the traffic was that it was mental, kids with what I like to call sewing machines on wheels or quad bikes and mothers were driving at around 50 or 60 mph because they were late to school.” Brooks said.

Scaring them into following the law seems to be working, and once it went viral, other people have decided to try it out! If it makes a neighborhood safer, they’ll try just about anything.

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