Grandma Sent Her Son A Picture Of Grandpa To Her Grandson…”When He Was Your Age!” And Accidentally Crushed His Self-Esteem!

An accountant for Costco received something that he almost wishes he hadn’t seen…

His grandmother was going through old pictures and found a good one of her husband when he was younger. She realized that her husband in that picture was about the same age as her grandson! Without thinking much about it, she sent it to him. And in the process, absolutely demolished his self esteem.

You see, this is the picture that she sent to him:


From there, he went on to become a Golden Glove winner with  record of 32-0, a drill sergeant in the Marines, and a fire chief. Her grandson is an accountant for Costco, and while that is a great achievement, it falls just a little short in comparison.

The internet promptly tore him to shreds in the comment section, and some of the best ones are pretty hilarious:

The apple wasn’t even on the same zip code as the tree.”

Those calves are almost as thick as his thighs.”

That’s from walking uphill both ways.”

Look at it this way: you know you have good genes. Now get to the gym, so you can pick up a looker like grandma was back in the day!”

The good news is that many of the comments are telling him to think positive about it. This picture is proof that if he wanted to look like grandpa, it is well within his capabilities to do so! He’s got some good genes! The rest of us got a good laugh out of the story.

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