Grandma Remembered Fondly As Dozens Of Quilts Are Displayed At Her Funeral.

No one enjoys thinking about what will happen to the people they leave behind after death. It’s a morbid way to think, but putting thought and care into what we leave behind for them to remember us by can mean a lot to our loved ones. Margaret, a grandmother from Nebraska, worked on these quilts in her daily life, and they stood to serve as a reminder of her love and dedication to her family. The story is going viral.8.11a9This photograph was posted by the woman’s surviving daughter to a Facebook group dedicated to quilting. Her family wanted her beautiful quilts displayed for her family and friends to remember her by. Margaret created quilts for her family members during important milestones in their lives.

From weddings to birthdays to births and deaths, the quilts were made with love and devotion, taking hours and hours of time and energy to complete. Quilting is a difficult hobby and takes a lot of time – even by people who have had a lot of experience.

Her daughter explained that every family was asked to bring in a quilt that Margaret had created for them, and the resulting display filled up each and every pew in the church. It was almost as if Margaret was there with them, her love and care radiating from the pews and giving mourners a way to express their thankfulness at having known her.

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