Grandma Posts Her Wedding Dress Options Online And Asks The Public To Choose For Her! Which One Is Best?

Sylvia Martin was about to marry her long-time friend, Frank Raymond, and at 93 years old, she was still a bit nervous about what to wear. She went to a bridal shop and began trying on dresses, but she quickly realized that she wouldn’t be able to decide on her own. She asked her great-granddaughter to snap a few pictures, and they decided to leave it up to the masses.

She had narrowed it downto four, but there was just no clear winner. She knew that she wanted to wear red, but the style? She had no clue.

Frank, the 88-year-old friend, had proposed to Sylvia many times over the years, but she had always refused. She thought that it would be disrespectful to her deceased husband, and so she never accepted. When she became ill and moved in with her family, Frank thought that his love for Sylvia was lost for good…

But she couldn’t forget him. She contacted him and asked him to move closer to her – he agreed and moved as quickly as he could. He assured her that she would be able to keep her surname and honor her previous husband. She agreed to marry him, but all that was left? The dress.


Which dress do you think she should wear? A lot of people are a fan of option “C!”

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