Grandma Is Confused When Her Daughter Gives “Beware Of Dog” Sign…Is Quickly Moved To Tears!

At 90-years-old (according to the uploader – we think this grandma looks amazing!), she’s not ready to give up on life…but the one thing she has always wanted? Well, it wasn’t a Beware of Dog sign! When her daughter tries to give her the gift of a strange black and red window sign, she is confused. She didn’t have a dog…only a single cat named Garfield.

But when she notices her granddaughter walking through the door with a dog, she asks who it belongs to. “Did you get a new dog?” She asks her daughter. Her daughter tells her the the new dog has a name…Lacey!

I’ve always wanted a white, fluffy dog!” She exclaims in surprise.

The new dog is actually an adorable nine-month-old puppy, ready for a new home!
11-1a14The pair cuddle in excitement. Grandma is worried that her cat, Garfield, won’t like it…but thinks they will get along just fine! With all of the excitement going on, she couldn’t contain herself and begins to cry, rubbing her face into the new puppy’s soft, clean fur.

Some people have criticized the daughter’s actions, saying that grandma was too old to care for a new puppy…but others think that it is just the thing to keep her company! Always ready to play, a puppy makes a fun and jovial companion, they say. What do you think about grandma’s new puppy?


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