Grandma Had Surgery On Her Wrist…And Grandpa Stepped Up To Help!

Amy Pennington received this selfie from her grandmother and just HAD to share it!

Her grandmother underwent surgery on her wrist, leaving her with a very limited amount of mobility until it healed from the operation. She could move it a bit and do simple tasks, but using her hand to pin curlers into her hair was out of the question! Being able to hold her arm up, bend her wrist, and make the adjustments to curlers was impossible and probably would have injured her wrist further before it recovered…

But she had to do her hair! That’s when Amy’s grandfather happily stepped in to help. He had seen his wife fix her hair countless times over the years, and as she guided him through the process, he concentrated as hard as he could! He wanted to do a good job, and grandma couldn’t help but document the precious moment (using her good hand, of course!)

People loved the moment!

In 40 years, I want a marriage like this!” Said one comment.

Others were impressed at granpa’s perfect rows of curlers. (And even more were admiring her lipstick collection! There’s got to be at least 20 shades on that counter!)

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