Grandma Fights Off A Car-Jacking Criminal…With Body Spray!

A cluttered car is not so uncommon. With rising traffic times and our increasingly busy lives, it makes sense to keep essentials in the car for emergencies. Bottles of water, extra sticks of deodorant, even changes of clothes and shoes can be found in most cars. And a woman named Joyce Kenney keeps an extra bottle of body spray in her driver’s side door – in the cup holder – just in case.

At 61-years old, Kenney is a grandmother in Ohio who never expected to be approached by a criminal. She was outside of her home, locking her front door, when a man in a mask grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth.

“Don’t scream.” He told her.

He took the keys from the front door and made her drive him through the city while he sat in the passenger seat of her Toyota Yaris. She began to speed and swerve through traffic, hoping to get the attention of other drivers or to get pulled over, but it didn’t work.

That’s when she started thinking. What did she have in her car? In the pocket of her driver’s side door, she knew there was a bottle of body spray. She picked it up and sprayed it directly into the man’s eyes. 





She kicked him as hard as she could while he was confused and in pain. He escaped and fell onto the ground outside of her car, but she didn’t waste any time. She drove to a nearby gas station and called the police. They haven’t found the suspect, but they are proud of Kenney for being able to defend herself against this man, and for thinking so quickly on her feet!


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