Grandma Discovered Hidden Note From Late Husband Just In Time For Their 65th Anniversary

Like many grieving spouses, she was organizing and sorting her late husband’s journals, notebooks, and loose papers after his death. She wasn’t sure what to expect, but knew that it would all need to be organized eventually. Maybe there were things to donate, send to others, put away for safe keeping, or things that could be thrown out. It would be better for her to go through his belongings than to leave it for their other relatives or even strangers later on once she was no longer able.

But she wasn’t expecting to find this:

It’s not possible for me to explain in words the limitless joy you have brought to my heart.”

It was a scrap of loose paper, torn from one of his many notebooks and left for her to find. He couldn’t have been sure that she would ever see it, but the thought that she might discover his heartfelt confession at a time when she needed it the most was enough for him to hide it away.

His secret love note has inspired others to do the same.

Have you thought about what your loved ones will find if, one day, you are suddenly gone? What will they see when they enter your study? His loving endearment was left hidden in his life’s work. Where will yours be hidden? Many have taken his example and left their own notes in places they know their loved ones will find them. It may be hidden for decades, but the hope that we can give them one last word is heartwarming for many.

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