Grandma Adopts A “Stray Cat.” Her Grandson Is HORRIFIED When He Sees It In Person!

A man named Eric knows that his grandmother has a soft spot for stray cats and will often invite them into her home to give them a bit of safety and food. There are so many stray animals in the streets, and as the weather fluctuates, more and more shelters become full too quickly, leaving more strays to fend for themselves instead of finding help. One woman spent a great deal of her time trying to do her part by taking in animals that need a little extra help to make it through each day.

One such cat had been living in her home for weeks without any problems…until her grandson came for a visit!He snapped this picture and was shocked, but the elderly woman didn’t seem alarmed at all.

When he broke the news that her “stray cat” was actually a possum, she didn’t believe it at first…and then she shocked him even more.

Well, he hasn’t bothered me yet, so I’m OK with him being here!’ ” She told him.

And she kept it. Hopefully, she gets it checked out by a professional! Yikes!

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