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Grandfather Discovers $24 Million Lottery Ticket TWO DAYS Before It Expired! | HappyTango

Grandfather Discovers $24 Million Lottery Ticket TWO DAYS Before It Expired!

We’ve all had that dream of winning the lottery unexpectedly before, but for one man, that dream took him completely by surprise. Jimmie is a 68-year-old man living in New Jersey who had that dream come true in spectacular fashion with very little time to spare.

He’d always been a fan of lottery tickets, but after buying them regularly for over 40 years, he’d gotten into the habit of actually checking them. He might sit down once in a while and go through the numbers, but that was usually more hassle than it was worth. Until one day, he was listening to the news and heard a story about an unclaimed lottery ticket!

The ticket was due to expire, and they confirmed that someone had purchased it nearly a year ago! He decided to finally check his old tickets, a little in disbelief. Could he have had it the entire time?

As he began to rifle through the pile of tickets, he realized that he had been holding the winning numbers for a year.He was stunned! He decided to take the $24,100,000 prize in payments to be made over the next 26 years, but hasn’t decided how to spend it all yet. He does have 12 grandchildren, so he’s got a lot to think about!

After hearing the story, a lot of people are happy that he was able to find the ticket in time! It was a really close call!

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