Got An Old Mason Jar Lying Around? You Can Transform It Into Something AWESOME For Your Bathroom!

Mason jars are a fun, quirky way to dress up a plain, boring space by using them for crafting projects. Normally used to store jams and jellies, more people are using them as drinking glasses and crafting tools, creating some truly unique items that just can’t be found in a store! The “home made” touch is what people love about these projects, so if you happen to have a mason jar lying around, try this project out!8.24a12One woman purchased this blue mason jar from an antique store. It was on sale and a gorgeous shade of greenish blue that she just couldn’t pass up! She got an idea to turn it into a soap dispenser and grabbed the pump from an old bottle of lotion She drilled a hole large enough for the spout to stick through, but noted that any mason jar lid would work in case the original zinc lid shattered under the pressure.8.24a13 She slipped it through the hole and put a little bit of her favorite hand soap into the jar! She had to pump it out a few times to get rid of the residual lotion, but after that, it worked perfectly! 8.24a14Other crafters have used this simple technique to create many different kinds of mason jar dispensers. Painting the jar over with a solid color is a favorite to better match the room, and others place pressed flowers inside of the jar for an extra touch of nature. Would you try this out in your bathroom, or will you stick with a classic bar of soap instead?


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