“Goodbye Cupcakes!” More And More PTAs Are Adopting This Alternative Fundraiser.

Parents of school-aged kids know the headache of trying to raise money for the PTA and other organizations. Selling wrapping paper, chocolate bars, miscellaneous “high quality” items from a magazine, and bake sales put additional pressure on parents to canvas their neighborhoods, workplaces, and churches for donations. As one school in Texas decided, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” It’s stressful, usually pointless, and doesn’t raise as much money as simply giving a cash donation directly to the costs of whatever needs funding.

One mom decided to share what her school was doing and parents ate it up! These days, most parents work all day and don’t want to put in any extra effort when it comes to extra-curricular activities at the school. As hilarious as this is…it’s incredibly relatable.8.11a10Parents want this, and it is safe to say that the kids will be relieved not to have to give up their Saturday mornings to walk around the block begging people to buy an over-priced chocolate bar (that tastes like plastic, let’s be honest). Hopefully, schools and organizations will allow these donations instead of the hassle of hosting car washes and auctions filled with things that belong at a garage sale.

What do you think about this “alternative fundraiser?” Love it, or hate it?

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