Good Samaritan Risks His Own Safety To Check Abandoned Cars For Survivors

With record floods hitting the coast of Texas, people are finding themselves trapped and stranded by the rising waters. As more and more areas are overcome with rainfall, more and more people are in need of rescue. Having survived hundreds of hurricanes over the decades, officials, authorities, and long-time locals weren’t worried…

…But as the rain continued to fall and the waters continued to rise, the situation quickly escalated beyond what anyone could have predicted within hours. As things got worse, those with the resources to do so stepped in to help first responders to rescue people who had been flooded out of their cars and homes.

This man, who says he is a pastor at a local church, waded through the impossibly high water on this highway to check the cards that had been caught up in the water. He told Brian Roberson, the bystander who snapped this photo, that he just had to check.

It was a dangerous thing to do. Entering the flood waters without protection means he put himself at risk for snakes, alligators, floating fire ant colonies, hidden objects that could lead to serious injuries, and infections…but he did it anyway.

People are now trying to find the mysterious man who risked life and limb to check the cars in chest-high water and hope to thank him very soon!

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