Golden Lab Swims Out To Play With His Bestie… You’ll Be Amazed Who It Is

Animals have this amazing way of being very adorable. From chimps adopting tigers and kittens playing with birds, they can be very quirky yet sweet to one another. But who could possibly imagine that a dog and a dolphin can create such good friendship? Sounds very unlikely, but this actually true.

In this video, you’ll see how the dog doesn’t mind the land and water that separates him from the dolphin. He’ll swim all the way to where the dolphin is, in the middle of the bay, and play for the entire afternoon. He doesn’t mind how far and deep it is, he just needs to get there. This lovely sight can be seen most days along the harbor.

There are other incredible moments like this, and it shows that living creatures in this world, both humans and animals, can live in harmony. You won’t see things like this everyday, but when you do, you surely catch that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

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