Going On A Trip? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Need To Bring Along A Toy Dinosaur!

One of the best things about coming home from a vacation is sharing the pictures with your friends and family. While 20 years ago that meant getting the film developed and waiting a week to pick the pictures up, nowadays it means uploading your pictures online for everyone to see. People take pictures of themselves, the places they have visited, the beautiful scenery…and while that might be a nice way to document the trip, nobody really wants to scroll through 300+ pictures of that mountain you saw in the distance…well, unless it had DINOSAURS in it!The ongoing project called #DinodinaSeries comes from photographer Jorge Saenz as he documents the sights and wonders of South America where toy dinosaurs pretend to be tourists. The angles and clever situations sometimes make it seem like the dinosaurs are towering over the landscapes. In others, it seems as if tiny mutant beasts have been unleashed on the world to get underfoot and cause chaos.It all started with Saenz posted a photo of a green Brachiosaurus that he had purchased at a flea market overlooking a bit of scenery. The photo went viral, and he immediately bought “Dino” some travel buddies.

Dino now has a boyfriend, Brachy, a fellow Brachiosaurus. The pair travel with Dina, the Stegosaurus and Spiny, a Spinosaurus, and several other friends – not to scale, of course.The pictures are playful and fun. They document his travels and at the same time show his clever love of photography.I would definitely scroll through 300+ travel photos if it meant looking at tiny dinosaurs pretending to be people.I mean, seriously, how awesome is this?

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