Going On A Big Family Vacation? This EASY Hack Could Help In Case Of An Abduction! PARENTS, Listen Up!

The Clovis Police Department shared a picture that went viral overnight. So many families are taking big trips, vising large theme parks, and stopping in on relatives out of state. In a new environment, your child might not be sure of how to act, and if they get lost or go missing, this hack is perfect for bringing them back quickly.

When children are too young to remember a telephone number or aren’t able to speak, writing your phone number on their wrist and sealing it with a liquid bandage will keep it pristine in case, heaven forbid, a stranger needs to read it and contact you.6.28a32

The also recommend taking a picture of the kids just before leaving the house in the clothes, shoes, and hairstyle that they are sporting that day. In the event that a child goes missing, having a recent picture with the exact clothes they have on help the authorities locate your child faster.

Many parents recommend creating a habit – every time we leave the house, we take a picture and send it to grandma or a friend – and sticking to it. Having this picture to immediately show everyone will make it easier to track down any lost children.

They don’t mean to scare anyone, but as a police department, they have seen their fair share of missing children and it breaks their heart to have to post a picture like this. But parents are sharing it because they never want anyone to go through the pain of losing a child.

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