Glow-In-The-Dark Hair. Cool, Or CRAZY? What Do You Think?

2015 was the year of “Glitter Roots” and “Rainbow Hair” and “Sand Bottle Hair” and “Glitter Beards” and “Pastel Unicorn Hair.” We thought that was pretty crazy. And we also kind of thought that it would be the end of these crazy hair trends. I mean, really, how could it get crazier, right?

Yeah, it turns out that it definitely can. Hair dye is now being made to glow under black lights in a glorious display of color, and people are not backing down from the challenge!

These bold colors are bright during the day…


…but absolutely BLINDING at night!3.11a16

These dyes are exciting and new – some glow under black light and some glow just by being exposed to the light.


The fun colors that draw your eyes don’t have to stop being unique at night!3.11a17

People everywhere are excited about this new way to express themselves. Going out with friends has never been more fun! Right? What the kids won’t think of next. What do YOU think about this crazy new trend?

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