Glass Skywalk Will Probably Give You Nightmares. Would YOU Set Foot On This See-Through Bridge?!

This horrifying bridge spans a large section of Tianmen Mountain in China, but for some reason, people are flocking to the attraction as if there wasn’t a thousand-foot drop to the bottom. Seriously, look at it. Horrifying.8.17a4The bridge is 1,400 feet long and 20 feet wide, but apart from the sturdy staircases here and there, the walkway is made of durable glass. You can see straight down. Naturally, the attraction is exciting for thrill-seekers, and people are loving the selfies that they can take on the face of the cliff, but many of us couldn’t not be paid enough to actually set foot on it. Nope. No, thanks.
8.17a5Visitors are required to wear cloth over their shoes so that they don’t scuff and scrape the glass walkway, but there aren’t any rules about taking awesome (terrifying) selfies. One woman takes advantage of the lack of a crowd to get a truly unique “floating” shot of her above the mountain’s valley.8.17a6Another is significantly less excited, hugging the rocks as she scoots along, not enjoying the experience as much as others. That’s how I would feel. Exactly that. Only instead of a smile, an expression of terror would be slightly more accurate.8.17a7This isn’t the first way-too-high-for-my-tastes attraction has been built on the mountain. Visitors can ride this trolley-of-panic to get to and from the Tianmen Mountain National Park. (No, it isn’t named that, but it should be. I mean, look at it.)8.17a8But thousands of people are excited about this adrenaline-filled attraction and can’t wait to visit! Are you going to add this to your bucket list, or are you content to stay a lot closer to the ground?


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