Give Your Microfiber Couch A Face Lift In 10 Minutes!

She was tired of looking at her dingy couch. Months worth of grime and junk and muddy feet and spills and pet fur had accumulated into some dingy looking stains that seemed impossible to get rid of. If you’ve got a darker couch, this might not be such a huge deal…but for anyone with light fabric on their furniture, this can be a headache to clean up.Herbs and Oils decided to take control of the stained upholstery and came up with a really simple solution. Grab an empty spray bottle, a white bristle brush, a white sponge, and rubbing alcohol.

Lightly spray the stained areas with alcohol. You don’t want the cushions to be soaked, but they do need to be just a bit moist. This is when you scrub with the white sponge! When the sponge starts to look dirty, use a different section or switch it out for another white sponge. Using colored sponges might transfer the color onto your couch, so be sure it’s a white one!

After you have scrubbed away the stain, the microfiber will be still from the alcohol. All you’ll need to do is rub the areas with the bristled brush to separate the strands and get everything back to normal!

Use this method to spot-check, or clean every inch of your furniture! As you would with any cleaning product, test it on a small non-visible section before applying to a visible section. You can find more details here!

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