Give The Kids A Head Start On Chemistry With This BRILLIANT Idea! This Easy DIY Is PERFECT For Kids Learning Their Periodic Table!

Looking for an easy way to introduce the kids to Chemistry? Maybe you’ve got a student who is struggling to memorize the entire table. Getting the kids as prepared as possible for this tough course in school hasn’t really been on the top of anyone’s priorities…and with good reason! It’s a LOT of information, and even with constant study, some kids just don’t get it.

One mom decided to change all of that when she had a brilliant idea…why not turn Chemistry into a game?! It was so simple. While learning about Alkali Metals, Noble Gases, or Atomic Numbers can be an absolute drag for some kids (and probably most parents), playing battleship is tons of fun! “Blowing up” big brother’s warship and NOT getting into any trouble? What could be better?


And it’s so easy! That’s the beauty of this project! First, find a colorful Periodic Table – print it out at home or take it to a print shop to be laminated. If the kids aren’t comfortable with calling out element names, you can create a grid by running the alphabet down one side! Encourage them to play rounds with Atomic Numbers, different element groups, or with abbreviations! Make it fun, or keep score. That’s up to how your kids like to play!

You’ll need 4 copies of the Periodic Table and 2 file folders. You can simply attach everything together with paperclips, or create a sturdier game with pieces of cardboard. That’s really up to you!


Use dry-erase markers for the best results! They can mark their “ships” in straight blocks of 2, 3, 4, and 5 – if you want, come up with different ship lengths just for some extra variety! I certainly wish I had been able to do this all those years ago! I had to use flash cards and memorize them from scratch. How much easier would it have been to learn them all by playing a game? I will admit – I’m jealous of this incredible technique!

Even if Chemistry is a few years away, pulling this fun little game out every few weeks will help the kids to get a head-start on this complicated subject. Who knows, you might have a little scientist on your hands! Make it fun and keep it up with this super easy DIY!


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