Girl Writes Letter To School Council With The Hope Of Bring Awareness To Disabilities

Lex is only 6, but she is already trying to make a change in her school and her community. A girl in her class said “your brother is weird.” Lex was hurt by the accusation, but immediately came to her brother’s defense by explaining that he had Autism. To Lex’s surprise, the explanation didn’t help the situation. The girl had no idea what Autism was, and continued to think that Lex’s brother was just “weird.” She didn’t understand that the boy had a disability, and it just didn’t sit right with Lex to know that there were children out there who hadn’t been taught about disabilities.

She asked her mother for help, and together, they put Lex’s feelings on paper. She wants to talk about disabilities, and she wants the subject talked about in school. Her plan is to raise awareness in any way that she can so that misunderstandings don’t happen all because a student doesn’t know about different disabilities.
10-24a10Lex’s mother posted the picture on Facebook and begged her friends and family to share it, along with the message to teach their children about Autism and other disabilities. She also wants more schools to teach their students about disabilities, to understand how they affect the lives of everyday kids, and that children with disabilities aren’t so different after all.

The message has gone viral, and parents are happy that a child so young understands and cares about what others are being taught in schools.


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