Girl Spots WINNING Lotto Ticket On The Ground And Uses The Money To Feed The Homeless

Phoebe was out shopping with her mother when she saw a bit of trash on the floor. The quick 7-year-old instantly recognized it as a lottery ticket and showed her mother. It was a winning ticket.

The ticket was worth $100 dollars, but Phoebe wasn’t rushing out to buy toys or clothes! Instead, she wanted her mother to help her do something inspiring.11-28a9

That morning, they had received a flyer announcing the annual food drive, where children would bring and donate non-perishable food items in a huge food drive. Thanks to Phoebe, her 2nd grade class donated the most.

She spent every penny to purchase canned goods and ended up with the majority of her class’ 541-can contribution – roughly a third of the school’s 1,700 donation.

The huge amount landed the victory for the entire school – that had donated the most in the district – and as a reward, the 2nd grade class won the rights to shave off the school’s gym teacher’s huge beard.

Herb Horseman, the gym teacher with the beard, who laughed alongside the students while he beard was being shaved away, knew it was all in good fun. He wasn’t sure which class would win, but was happy that the kids were able to experience what the holiday season was all about.


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