Girl Scout Stand ROBBED! Police Respond By Purchasing All Remaining Cookies And Donate Over $1,000!

An unsuspecting girl scout stand was robbed by a gunman outside of a Union City, CA supermarket. The gunman brandished his weapon in front of a 12-year-old girl and her mother, though neither were injured. The young man allegedly approached the table and asked about the cookies but declined to purchase any. He returned minutes later with a gun.

The officers who responded were disgusted at the robbery. Many of them had children that are actively involved in girl scouts and couldn’t believe that someone would commit such a crime. They decided to donate their own money to cover the loss from the robbery, and as word spread, the Union City Police Officers Association purchased all of the remaining boxes from the table!
As officers heard about the outrageous robbery, they began pulling out their wallets to make orders and donate directly.

The girl’s mother arrived at the station the next day with dozens of boxes of cookies for the officers, and that is when they gave her all of the donations that they had collected.

We’re just glad no one was hurt and we were able to change a negative thing into something positive for the mom and her daughter.” They said.

Meanwhile, the community is hoping to find the person responsible for the crime as soon as possible.

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