Girl Left Mute By Surgery Shocks Everyone By Speaking Her First Words…To Tell Her Therapy Donkey A Secret

Amber was born prematurely and underwent a surgery that cut off the airflow to her vocal cords. The procedure saved her life but took away her ability to speak. Amber was mute from that moment on. She also has cerebral palsy, which made her little life a challenge each day because she has to struggle just to move around. But Amber’s mother noticed an incredible change in her daughter as soon as she was introduced to Shocks, a therapy donkey.Shocks was found after being abused and neglected and was taken to an animal sanctuary. In 2013, he met Amber, and she wasn’t able to speak to him.

They bonded, able to sense each other’s difficult paths in life. Amber was motivated to use her muscles to brush Shocks and interact with him in a way that she hadn’t been able to before. She grew stronger and stronger, and eventually, she underwent a surgery that doctors thought might give her back the ability to speak.

Her first words?

I love you, Shocky.”

Her family was stunned and proud, attributing Amber’s strength to her relationship with the therapy animal.

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