Girl Bullied For Her Weight Lost 130 Pounds – Now Bullies Want To DATE Her!

Emma Pope is a 23-year-old nursing student in Texas, but she wasn’t always her “best self,” and she wants others to be inspired by her story. At 15, she weighed over 300 pounds and referred to herself as an “emotional eater.” She played sports, but didn’t really understand the relationship between food and her body. She played volleyball, but ate pizza after the games with everyone else. As she grew older, she never gave up her love of pizza, eating a half a cheese pizza every day.

“I was bullied a lot at school but I never told my parents, I bottled it all up and never said anything about the hurtful comments kids made, they were pretty awful to me,” she said.

11-14a1But she decided to pursue nursing after graduating from high school…and knew that something would have to change. She wanted to be able to help people, but she also knew that she didn’t want to be a hypocrite. How could someone follow to her medical advice if she didn’t follow it herself?

After deciding to pursue a degree in the medical field I knew I had to lose weight.”


The biggest change that I made that had the greatest impact, was making sure I only eat when I am hungry.” She cut down to only one slice of pizza each day and began to exercise.

Soon, she was able to cut her pizza habit and eat things that would help her reach her goals. The bullies noticed and began to send her apologies.

I doubt they are apologizing out the kindness of their heart, there’s definitely an ulterior motive so with any attempts to flirt with me I reject them immediately.”

11-14a6She has come a long way, and is inspiring thousands with her success story.

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