German Twin Athletes Hold Hands As They Cross The Finish Line. Here’s Why Some People Are ANGRY!

Anna and Lisa Hahner have already done something incredible by qualifying for the Olympics not only as sisters, but as twins. For four years, the two trained as hard as they could, dedicating their lives to competing in the Olympics. It just so happened that they were able to do it together. When they crossed the finish line, they were holding hands. It wasn’t their best performance, and they were disappointed in that…but they were happy to have tried their best, and to have done it together.

But after the fact, people were not as excited as the twins thought they should be.8.18a7Thomas Kurschilgen, sports director of the German Athletics Federation, said that the girls looked as if they were competing in a “fun run” and not the Olympics. The girls finished 15 minutes over their personal bests, and this fact led others to believe that the girls had pulled the stunt on purpose.

The sisters had a lot to say about the accusations, and they deny them completely. They finished 81st and 82nd.

Definitely not what we had hoped for. Are we satisfied? No. Crossing the finish line? Still one of our biggest sporting moments. For four years, we trained to our limit and went beyond that, too.”

Anna and Lisa frequently split apart during a race, running at different paces that cause them to run alone for a majority of the race. But the sisters aren’t always that far away from each other. When Anna realized that she couldn’t match the pace of the other Olympians, she still had to keep going, but knew that her sister wasn’t that far from her.

I invested all I had and 300 metres before the finish line, I was next to Lisa. It was a magical moment that we could finish this marathon together. We did not think about what we were doing.”

They still would have crossed at the same time, so why not share the moment?


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