Gentleman’s Review Of A Selfie Stick Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See All Day

Reviews on online products are usually given ratings from one to five stars, and many sites allow for written reviews on their products. Sometimes, people return to the site to write negative reviews and try to warn others from making their same mistakes. Other times, people can’t contain their joy in a good product. One man was so excited with his purchase, he even posted a selfie – and that is what has gained him an incredible amount of internet fame.

In July of 2015, an older gentleman named Norel Pride left a review on Amazon for a selfie stick…and this amazing picture:
12-5z2He left the product a five-star rating and the title “It’sa winner,” before writing his perfect review.

Even I could make it work and I took the nicest picture of myself in fifty years.”

Instantly, the internet let him know that he had taken a great photo. He took the picture just below Crader Lake in Oregon, and when the picture began to circulate, his kids were quick to let him know. Even strangers on the internet were coming to defend his brilliant review.

I’ll fight anyone that tries to hurt this man’s feelings.” One comment said.

It turns out, Mr. Pride was exactly what the internet needed: a breath of fresh air, and a new selfie stick! If you think these silly sticks are a waste of time, we strongly urge you to take another look at his adorable selfie 🙂


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