Genius Furniture Hack That Everyone With Kids And Pets Needs ASAP!

This dog owner was tired of the same thing happening multiple times a day when his dog decided to play. His dog had a favorite ball…but that little ball was exactly the right size to roll underneath their living room couch and get stuck in the middle. Sometimes, his dog may have done it on purpose, thinking it was a game, but he had an idea that a lot of people are copying…and saving time doing so!

This is piping insulation from Home Depot. It’s cheap, easy to attach to the underside of a couch, and best of all – it works!

The best thing about using pipe insulation instead of pool noodles is that the color blends in with the shadows so you can’t see it unless you get on the floor.
He stapled his insulation to the frame of the couch, but others have reported that using velcro works just fine as an alternative. Now? Those pesky toys and balls are stopped before they can disappear forever underneath the couch!

No more stopping a movie just to fetch a favorite toy for a screaming toddler! Victory!
What do you think of this awesome hack? You can’t even see it! This guy should get an award.

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