Generous Strangers Give Wheelchair-Friendly Van To Paralyzed Brothers!

Matthew and Adam Chaffee rely on wheelchairs to get around in their everyday lives, but since they are both unable to use their legs, neither one of them are able to drive.

Matthew, 26, was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident, just one year later, Adam, 24, was paralyzed during a swimming accident. They were paralyzed at different times for different reasons, but the brothers are determined to continue helping one another through life as they always have.

When members of their community realized that the two paralyzed men were brothers, they immediately began to look for ways to help them. They decided that the best way to show their support would be to give the pair a van that was both wheelchair accessible, had room for both wheelchairs, and was able to be driven using only their hands.

What everybody has done; what everybody has given…it’s just…it’s amazing!” Said their mother, Carol Chaffee.

The brothers were incredibly thankful for the gesture and are excited to be more independent from now on.10-19a3

The van was custom built with the brother’s specific accommodations in mind. The new ability to be more mobile since their accidents allows them to visit their mother, who lives far away from them. The brothers hadn’t been able to see her since the Adam’s accident, and the new van will allow them to visit as often as they would like.

The community members, strangers, and friends raised over $80,000 to make the gift possible, and the Chaffee brothers could not be more grateful.


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