“Generous” Offer By Local McDonald’s Going Viral For Being TOO Specific

The idea that large corporations are detailed down to the second of each work day was hilariously brought to light when a local McDonald’s warned its guests with a curious sign. Millions of people were excited about the solar eclipse, buying and making special glasses to be able to look at it safely. Thousands of companies were allowing their employees to take a bit of time off to view the solar event as it just so happened to be happening during most of the country’s work hours. This fast food restaurant, however, took that idea to the extreme: In the interest of efficiency, the manager decided to offer the employees exactly 3 minutes to see the event. The picture was posted by a customer who couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. Sure, it might be a “once in a lifetime” event for people living in that area, but the fact that they were “allowed” 3 whole minutes for it seemed silly.

People were quick to share the picture, warning everyone of the “inconvenience” of a fast food joint allowing their employees to act like real live humans for once.

We’ll probably see a few more hilarious stories of the eclipse impacting businesses, but this one just takes the cake.

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