Gas Station’s Witty One-Liners Are Giving Everyone A Smile As They Pull Up To The Pumps!

The owner of this gas station enjoys that customers know his Chevron by the signs out front. He knows that they rely on him for their daily joke to get them through the day, or help them relax a bit before they make it home from a long day at work. The world is full of anger and hatred, so he tries his best to keep it light!7.19a10As much as he takes pride in his station, he knows that his store manager is the brains behind the witty remarks and jokes. The sign used to be used for advertising, but in recent years, the corporation has taken over the advertisement with posted signage near the pumps. The sign became useless, but instead of promoting adverts, it now promotes laughter.
7.19a11Some customers admit that they only come to fill up at this station because of the jokes! It brightens their day, and that feeling is worth the extra trip over going to a station closer to their home. The sign gets its picture taken quite often and even has a Twitter handle, @WallingfordSign, where people can post their pictures and comment on the joke of the day.7.19a12When the manager is out for vacation, people ask when a new joke will be posted – they miss it that much! She claims that she doesn’t have a favorite, but they’ve put up the “Autocorrect is my enema” joke up several times since people seem to absolutely love it! Hey, if it works, it works!

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