Frustrating Coffee Puzzle Is STUMPING People Online. Can YOU Solve It?

Why do these puzzles keep going viral? People really love to confuse their friends with clever mind teasers, and this one is no exception. “The Coffee Riddle” just gets more and more confusing the longer you stare at it. The answer seems simple, but that’s what makes this tricky puzzle all the more fun to do!

Can YOU figure it out? Don’t jump to the easiest solution…there are traps!

So, what order will these cups be filled?

Take your time… The answer is…
Only cup number 5!

The rest of the cups are blocked from receiving any coffee at all! It’s good to exercise your mind (since it can’t go to the gym!) and a fun way to trick your friends!

Now…what if those pathways weren’t blocked?! What would the order be?

Time to ponder the universe and exercise your mind!

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