Friend Texts Pictures To The Wrong Number But Gets The BEST Response Ever!

Syd and her friend Mani were out trying on dresses for an event, and couldn’t decide for sure if this was the one she wanted. She sent the picture to a number she thought belonged to someone she knew…but ended up accidentally sending it to six strangers!

The dress was stunning! Elegant and modern, she hoped she’d get some confirmation as to whether or not she should even buy it…instead, she got a picture of five kids from one very amused dad!
Tony, a dad of six, received a strange message from a total stranger. It had no context, but it was two pictures of a girl in a fancy dress. He was confused, but decided to let her know that she’d gotten the wrong number in a hilarious way! His wife wasn’t home, but he guessed the dress was great! He asked his kids what they thought, and they posed for a picture with a lot of thumbs up!

The exchange went viral, but when people started to ask questions about the family, Tony Wood revealed that he actually had six kids…and the one not pictured was currently at the hospital undergoing treatment for Leukemia.
Dad sent a picture from his son, Kaizler after he’d seen the message…big thumbs up!

They hoped that their new viral status could help their son win his battle against Leukemia, and they were also glad to know that she did end up buying the dress!

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