Four Times People Raged At Chipotle Because: “There’s A LEAF In My Food!”

When it is so much easier (and sometimes cheaper) to stop at a restaurant or fast food joint for a bite to eat, it means that a lot of people don’t have the time to learn how to cook. While people don’t have much of a problem following the directions on a box, usually the only time they learn about what seasonings go into their food is simply labeled “flavor packet.” They may be tasting and enjoying the flavor that comes from a bay leaf, but many people have no idea that the flavor actually comes for a leaf.

…understandably, when they discovered a “leaf” in their food, they were understandably confused!With such busy lives, the fact that not many people have seen or used bay leaves makes a lot of sense.And some people were REALLY mad!
Hopefully diners realized their mistake quickly, but their reactions are still fairly hilarious!
If you weren’t aware, these leaves are called bay leaves, and they add a delicious flavor to your food! Spread the word…apparently, some people didn’t realize that this leaf is the reason their food tastes so delicious!

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