Four Men Planned To Attack And Rob The Pizza Delivery Guy…End Up Getting MORE Than They Ordered!

The plan was simple: they would order a pizza, mug the pizza delivery guy, and steal his wallet – the pizza would be an easy reward for their hard work. They were familiar with the pizza place, Beggar’s Pizza, and knew the guy who would be delivering it was a relatively small guy. They could easily overpower him and steal everything…but they got a lot more than they bargained for that night.

By the time the guys had called in the order, the regular delivery driver had already gone home. Instead, the owner was making the delivery – former NFL linebacker Napoleon Harris, standing tall over six feet and weighing over 250 pounds! Aside from owning a business, Harris also happens to be a state senator. These guys didn’t see it coming.11-1a12When they opened the door, they acted without taking a moment to realize just who they were attacking. While they did steal his wallet, he was quick to react. He called the police and chased the men down. The hadn’t prepared to defend themselves and hopped into a vehicle, but ended up running away on foot. Harris corralled them into a nearby lumber yard with no exit, causing the men to exit the vehicle and flee while police arrived to chase them down. While one man was able to escape, the police apprehended the remaining three men.

The suspects left behind a stolen car with blood from the previous owner inside, a man that had been found dead in Georgia. Not only did he inadvertently protect his staff from being brutally attacked, he helped the police arrest murderers! They are working with the state of Indiana to return the fourth suspect.

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