Former Marine Takes Dog On Goodbye Cross-Country Trip Before Saying Final Farewell

Rob Kugler could feel his heart break into two when he learned that his dog, Bella, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Kugler had a few choices, but none were reassuring.

Bella was diagnosed with bone cancer in May of 2015, and by the time her veterinarian confirmed what was wrong with her, her front leg needed to be amputated. It wasn’t going to cure her, but it would relieve a lot of her pain. The cancer had already spread into her lungs, and the vet said that it was only a matter of time. Kugler could expect her to live only another three to six months after the amputation.

He took her on a five-month journey that was supposed to be her farewell tour of the world…11-11a4But three months after arriving back home, Bella showed no signs of slowing down. So, he decided to do it again – and they are still traveling! The pair are stopping anywhere and everywhere, exploring and hiking and swimming their way around the country, seeing and smelling (and probably peeing on) everything that comes across their paths.

It has been over a year since Bella’s diagnosis, but she hasn’t stopped yet. Her will to live is stronger than the cancer.

Kugler acknowledges that his quest for adventure was inspired by the loss of his brother in 2007 in Iraq, and his older sister two years prior in a car accident.

When you see lives end shortly before people get to do many of things they dream of doing, it changes your perspective on life.” He told Mashable.

Go out and experience life. You may not get another chance.


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