Forget “Man Caves.” Now, It’s All About The “She Sheds!” I Want One!

While they may resemble ordinary garden sheds on the outside…

Okay, I take it back! These works of art are FAR from ordinary! Outfitted with oodles of feminine flair, these little woodsy getaways are the perfect equivalent to the “man cave” that many of us have tucked away in our homes.

Take this one for example! This cozy, breezy little cottage is the perfect place to escape from the drama and chores of everyday life. I would give anything to get an hour to myself in such a relaxing atmosphere.

4.12a8With no one to scream “mom!” every four seconds, no bills to be paid, and no appointments to keep, it seems like a dream come true.

Some of these are tucked away in the back corner of the yard.


Some of them don’t even bother with proper roofing!4.12a10

Some are a sweet place to lounge and don’t have doors.4.12a11Some have been turned into art studios! With lots of sunlight and inspiration, who wouldn’t want to escape to this magical hideaway?4.12a12

Do you have space for a “She Shed?” They don’t have to be very big at all! If you’ve got some old furniture that you planned on throwing out, it might be worth considering putting it outside and carving out a fun place to sneak off to once or twice a day!

Assuming the weather is nice, this looks like an incredible way to spend that precious “me time!”

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