For The First Time In Detroit, Tiny House Village Letting Tenants Rent-To-Own

The creation of tiny home villages are popping up across the United States in an effort to combat homelessness. The accommodations may be small, but for a fraction of the cost, an entire village of small homes can take dozens of homeless people off of the streets and give them an address, and in doing so, independence. But the difference between most villages and this new village in Detroit is making headlines.

The Cas Community Social Services is a nonprofit organization that has undertaken a large project with promising results. They plan to build 25 single-family homes ranging from 250 to 400 square feet, depending on the design, on large plots of vacant land. Each home will only cost $40,000, but will have everything that a regular-sized home will have…aside from being significantly smaller, of course!10-20a2During a seven-year contract (made up of year-to-year leases), each home will be rented to a tenant for one-third of their monthly income under a year-long lease. After their first three years of renting yearly, they will be given the chance to sign a four-year land contract, allowing them to pay off those years as well. At the end of the seven years, the family will have purchased the home.

Over half of the tenants are expected to be homeless, while the other will be made of the elderly and college students. The homeowners will have the power to decide who will move into their little neighborhood, transforming the community into one of cooperation and support for those who hope to make better lives for themselves and their families.


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