For Show-And-Tell, This Little Girl VIVIDLY Describes The BIRTH Of Her Younger Brother…The Teacher Was In TEARS By The End!

This story was written by a teacher after an outrageous show-and-tell session! Let’s just step into her shoes for a moment and imagine what must have been going through her mind…she’s teaching young kids, probably around ages 5 and 6. A little girl stands up with a picture of her newborn brother…what do you do when an entire group of 2nd graders suddenly want to know where¬†babies¬†come from?! Before the teacher could get a word in, this outgoing little girl takes it upon herself to give them all a detailed explanation of the birthing process…what would you do?!


We can easily forget how innocent the minds of children really are, and her explanation of “the miracle of birth” had me laughing before I even finished the story! I have to give her parents a round of applause…they obviously had an answer for everything – even for things that hadn’t happened yet! An umbrella cord? A bag of water? “The play center?” Their explanations were genius! Would you have interrupted this adorable presentation, or would you have let her finish like this teacher did?

I need to take notes. These parents had the perfect answers for their curious kid, and she didn’t hold back when she explained to her classmates the greatest miracle of all! This was just too cute!

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