For People Who Want A “Dad Bod” Without Having To Actually Have One…Fashion Has The Answer.

With body positivity branching out to include all body types, the “dad bod” nickname celebrates dads that don’t have time or energy to make it to the gym. A lot of people are embracing the look, and one designer decided to run with it by creating a pouch to replace a wallet or satchel.

It’s called the “Dadbag,” and it’s almost too realistic for comfort.

Created by designer Albert Pukies in London, the Dadbag is worn like a fanny pack and displays a scarily realistic gut to carry essential items. Like beer, apparently.

While it isn’t mass-produced yet, people on social media are really interested in buying one. The designer is still looking for a manufacturer to help get the Dadbag up and running (ha!) but until then, these promotional pictures will just have to tide us over.

It all started when he realized that he appreciated the body type and wanted it for himself…but was worried about the health risks that come with having that much excess weight. So, he found a way to “have” a dad bod without having to pack on the extra pounds.

The pack is making its way across the internet, and all of the increased interest in the product might actually help it get produced faster. Would YOU buy one?

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