Food Service Aide Has An Incredible Secret! She’s Been Doing This For The Past 8 Years!

Jessie Tedayi works in the cafeteria at the Advocate Children’s Hospital in Illinois, but her recent actions are gaining her a lot of recognition. While she has been donating toys to little children at the hospitals for nearly a decade, her donation this year has a lot of people in awe!Each year, she saves a portion of her income to purchase gifts to donate for the children. In 2009, her first donation was of 100 gifts. Each year afterward, she increased the amount. In 2016, she saved up $5,000 dollars and her donation was a staggering 1,300 gifts. She shopped for every single one!

Why do I do it? God put it in my heart,” Tendayi said. “One day I was watching TV and I saw children in need. I asked myself, What should I do for them to calm down what they are going through?’ So I started saving my money to make sure the children had something to play with while they are sick, so they can forget their pain.”

Tendayi moved from Zimbabwe to Chicago with her husband nearly twenty years ago, and while they never had children, she has found a way to touch the lives of all the children around her.

It’s not about being rich. It’s not about money,” she said. “The little we have, we can share. For me, it’s a blessing. I’m able to make a difference for the children. Children, they need somebody who cares about them. You want to make a difference to them. I felt in my heart I had to do something for the children.”

Her actions are inspiring.

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