Food Poisoning Expert Will NOT Touch These 6 Common Food Products! #4 Will Make You SAD!

Bill Marler is an attorney who specializes in litigating food poisoning cases, and because of his intensive research and experience with food poisoning, he has a list of six food items that he refuses to eat! He has learned a lot over his twenty-year career and throughout his hundreds of cases, he has spotted some common culprits.

1.) Raw Oysters

These delicious and savory sea creatures are filter-feeders…which means that any harmful bacteria that goes in, stays in. With rising water temperatures, bacteria is thriving more than ever. He won’t touch them.2.) Pre-cut Fruits

When a fruit is diced, its porous surface comes into more and more bacteria and contaminates, leading to more cases of food poisoning.

We’ve gotten so used to the convenience of mass-produced food —bagged salad and boxed salads and precut this and precut that. Convenience is great but sometimes I think it isn’t worth the risk.” He says.

Just buy it whole and slice it at home!
3.) Raw Sprouts

This food may be uncommon in your area, but they have caused 30 outbreaks of food poisoning in only 20 years.

Those are products that I just don’t eat at all,” says Marler.

4.) Rare Steak & Ground Beef

If meat isn’t heated above 160 degrees to kill the bacteria responsible for E. coli and salmonella, the risk is just too great for Marler to justify eating it. Ground beef is even more important to heat due to the fact that the surface area is ground into all parts of the meat.
5.) Runny Eggs

While he does admit that the chances of getting food poisoning from raw or runny eggs is much lower in recent years, the risk is still high enough for him to steer clear.
6.) Unpasteurized Milk & Juices

The benefits to drinking products that could be made safe aren’t big enough for convince him to take the risk. 

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