Fold A Square Napkin Into A Festive Christmas Tree! It’s So Easy!

Holiday decorations can easily be the most elaborate things you’ll put up all year, but in many cases, the little touches are what makes a room feel “festive.” This quick trick folds your holiday napkins into the shape of a Christmas tree and it’s very simple to do! All you need is a square napkin (preferrably green!) and while cloth napkins work the best, you can still do this method with paper napkins, too! Fold your napkin twice into a square…and follow the simple picture-instructions to create your Christmas tree!12-6z14Add a cinnamon stick tied with a little bow to the inside of the tree and place a little star cut-out at the top! The fun of this napkin folding technique is that many people haven’t seen it before, so you will be able to teach your guests how to do it, too. Try it out a few times – practice makes perfect! Some clever crafters have used popcorn or cranberries to sit lightly on the napkins as “decorations” to double as finger foods – but others say that this might dirty the napkin and make them useless.

Will you be including this napkin art at your Christmas dinner this year? We love it! It’s simple and festive with just a hint of magic. (And that cinnamon stick makes the room smell amazing!)


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